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Zeus Alive

Style Guides - Each Island

Here is the first pass of each island's style guide pages. The first page features the concept art and color palette, while the second page features some foliage examples as well as the effects that would be required.

More Research for highly polished environment.  

God of War. 

For highly polished, especially the dark and chaotic feel for Hades.

Rayman Legends

Used it's technique especially for all the plants and greens on Zeus, which is more depth of field added, and learned the technique of how the plants were made for these concept pieces.

Thinking ahead

As vertical slice is come close to the end and capstones about to take off we dont have that much time left to concept other creatures and things for the environment. so in the past week when i was able to put an hour in zbrush just to more experience in it, i took the liberty to try and concept a few character ideas of what some of the large creatures you cant get close to but see in the background may look like.